Going through a divorce is emotionally devastating. All too often husbands and wives get so caught up in the emotional turmoil of their marriage falling apart that they lose focus on important aspects of the divorce proceeding such as the best interest of their children and how to come out of the divorce in the best financial position possible. We advocate for our clients  to obtain parenting plans and custody arrangements that serve the best interests of the children, as well as maximize our clients' time with their children. In addition, we work diligently to ensure that  our clients receive an equitable and fair division of the marital assets.


 Sometimes circumstances change and the existing parenting plan is no longer in the children's best interest. This can occur as a result of one parent choosing to ignore the terms of parenting plan, a parent's change in job or work shifts, parental relocation, a parent becoming physically or mentally disabled, a parent struggling with substance abuse issues or various other reasons. In appropriate cases,  a modification of the parenting plan may be warranted. If your current parenting plan is no longer working, give us a call.  We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your legal options. 


 Unfortunately we live in a society where it is more and more common to find grandparents, relatives, friends and even babysitters raising someone else's child or children. Many times this is a result of the parents being unable to properly care for a child due to substance abuse issues. Often, the caregivers are unaware that even though they are caring for the child, absent a valid power of attorney or a court order, they do not have the legal authority to consent to medical  treatment or to take care of the child's educational needs.    If you are in the position of caring for someone else's child,  you may have legal standing to petition the court for custody. 


 Whether you are a foster parent seeking to adopt a child that was placed in your home, a step-parent wishing to adopt your step-child, or  are seeking to privately adopt a child, we can help you through the adoption process.  We have helped many families through the adoption process and there's nothing we enjoy more than helping families with adoptions.


Parentage should be established for any child born out of wed-lock.  This is accomplished through a parentage  proceeding in the proper court and should be accomplished as soon as possible after the child’s birth. Parentage proceedings can be brought by either the mother, the  father or even the child. For fathers,  establishing parentage allows the father to obtain parenting rights to the child so that the father and child can have a meaningful relationship and spend adequate time with each other.   For mothers, it is important to identify the child's father and seek to establish paternity as soon as possible so that regular support can be established.  If you are the parent of a child born outside of marriage, we would be glad to meet with you and discuss your legal options. 




Contempt proceedings for violations of parenting plans or failing to honor marital dissolution agreements;


Prenuptial Agreements

Legal Separations;

Parental Relocation;

Grandparent Rights;

Dependency and Neglect proceedings in Juvenile Court;

Emergency Custody proceedings;

Termination of Parental Rights proceedings;

Permanent Guardianship proceedings